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Do you want to sell your car as soon as possible for the highest possible price?
Sharkey’s Pre-sale detailing has got your back!
We aim to help you get the highest possible sale price for your vehicle by understanding what potential buyers want and how to prepare your vehicle for sale.
If you plan to trade in or sell your car, our package is a crucial step.
With our services, you can showcase your car in its best condition and increase your chances of receiving the maximum resale value.


Exterior Detail

  • Engine bay detail.
  • High pressure rinse, snow foam pre-soak, microfibre mitt hand wash.
  • Chemical decontamination and mechanical decontamination (Your paint will feel smooth).
  • Ceramic spray sealant applied for a high gloss finish.
  • Wheels, barrels and arches thoroughly cleaned.
  • Rims deep cleaned and tires glossed.
  • Degrease tyres, scrub clean and coat in tyre shine.
  • Door jambs and seals detailed.
  • Exterior trims dressed.

Interior Detail

  • Thoroughly vacuum complete interior (including boot).
  • Shampoo, agitate and extract seats.
  • Leather seats clean & condition (if applicable)
  • Interior plastics, dash, steering wheel, pedals, internal door panels, sun – Visors and cup holders all thoroughly cleaned.
  • Spare tire area cleaned.
  • Glass cleaned inside and out.
  • Interior air fresher and deodoriser applied.


$449/ Starting from
$499/ Starting from
$549/ Starting from
$599/ Starting from
$649/ Starting from