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If you want to revive the external appearance and wow factor of your car,
our enhancement detail can give it the ultimate makeover by
enhancing the gloss, clarity, and depth of paintwork by giving it a show-stopping shine that will turn heads wherever you go.


Exterior Detail

  • Gyeon snow foam pre-rinse (PH neutral)
  • 2 bucket safe wash (Prevents scratches & swirls)
  • Mechanical decontamination – Clay Bar
  • Chemical decontamination
  • Door & boot jambs detailed and degreased
  • Wheels detailed
  • Soft microfiber towel dry and heated blow dry
  • Single stage paint correction to reduce swirls and scratches
  • Paintwork refined to enhance gloss and clarity
  • Exterior paintwork protected using Gyeon Q²M Ceramic Detailer (Ceramic spray sealant)
  • Exterior windows cleaned
  • Tyres dressed

Interior Detail

  • Interior vaccumed
  • Interior trim thoroughly detailed
  • Interior dash and trims protected
  • Spots & stains removed
  • Interior disinfected
  • A/C vents detailed
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Leather seats  detailed using Gyeon Leather Cleaner (PH neutral)
  • Leather seats coated using GYEON Q2 LeatherCoat
  • Fabric seats steam cleaned and conditioned.
  • Antibacterial treatment to kill bacteria and bad odour from the interior


$599/ Starting from
$649/ Starting from
$699/ Starting from
$749/ Starting from
$799/ Starting from