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Introducing SunTek® EVOLVE SERIES Window Tinting

Meet the SunTek® Evolve Series, your ultimate shield against the sun’s most damaging rays. This premium ceramic window tint is designed to excel at solar blocking, rejecting up to 94% of infrared heat.

Evolve’s capabilities extend beyond just heat rejection. It reduces glare and provides over 99% protection from UV rays, ensuring a safer and more comfortable ride. Furthermore, it ensures clear electronic signals, so you never have to worry about interference.

Evolve Series is available in various eye-catching shades, ready to take on the heat while enhancing your vehicle’s look. Backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, this tint promises lasting color and performance, offering peace of mind for the long haul.

The next generation of window protection: CERAMIC WINDOW TINTING EVOLVES

As the pinnacle of premium tint options, Ceramic Window Tint stand out for their superior performance, offering exceptional infrared rejection without relying on dyes, metals, or carbon.

Evolve Series elevates solar-blocking to unprecedented heights. Our cutting-edge HeatResist™ nanoparticle technology delivers up to 94% infrared rejection, setting a new benchmark for heat protection. Plus, with over 99% UV protection and effective glare reduction, Evolve keeps you cool and shields against skin damage, prevents interior fading, and reduces eye strain.

For unparalleled performance and maximum heat rejection, step up to SunTek Evolve—the ultimate evolution in ceramic window tinting.

The next phase of ceramic technology

Exceptional heat rejection

Superior UV Protection

Increased efficiency and comfort

Lifelong Peace of Mind

Available Tint Shades of SunTek Evolve Series

HeatResist™ Technology

Discover the power of HeatResist™ technology with our proprietary ceramic nanoparticle layer, which is invisible to the naked eye but extremely effective. This cutting-edge construction focuses on one of the leading causes of overheated interiors: infrared heat. Our premium window tinting, Evolve, effectively blocks up to 94% of these IR rays, keeping your vehicle cool even on the hottest days.

Window Tinting - Evolve Series | Sharkey Auto Detailing

Performance Specifications

SunTek rigorously tests our window films to ensure they provide optimal performance. Curious about the details? Our downloadable spec sheet provides comprehensive results, allowing you to compare the entire range of our products easily.


The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

We are pleased to announce that our products, which provide 99% or more UV protection (300-380nm), have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.