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Explore the SunTek CIR™ SERIES Window Tinting

SunTek® CIR™, featuring advanced ceramic nano particles, provides superior window tinting protection for your vehicle. This cutting-edge ceramic technology improves heat and infrared rejection and ensures minimal signal interference due to its nonmetal construction.

With CIR Series, both performance and aesthetics shine. Experience ultimate comfort with SunTek CIR™ by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, your vehicle’s cabin stays cooler and more inviting. Choose from a variety of shade levels to match your style, all featuring a sleek, non-reflective finish. Plus, with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty, you’re protected against color changes and more, ensuring lasting quality and peace of mind. Upgrade your ride and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable journey.

Ceramic Construction: Tiny Particles, Massive Impact

SunTek CIR™ tints are made with ultra-thin ceramic nano particles that are invisible to the naked eye. This innovative non-metal ceramic technology enables CIR to provide superior solar performance and UV protection.

SunTek CIR™ advanced ceramic technology provides exceptional heat and infrared rejection, reduced glare, and maximum UV defense. Experience the incredible benefits that come from the smallest components, making a significant difference in your driving comfort and safety. Experience the difference with SunTek CIR™.

Pioneering Tech Solutions

Superior Protection

Sleek Design

Seamless Connectivity

Lifelong Peace of Mind

Available Tint Shades of SunTek CIR Series

Is SunTek CIR Series available in multiple shades?

Yes, SunTek CIR Series is available in a variety of tint shades to suit your needs. From the ultra-dark CIR 5 to the light and subtle CIR 80, there is a level of protection and performance to suit everyone.

Each shade is covered by a limited warranty against color change, ensuring long-term quality. The darker tints reduce glare and increase privacy, making your ride more comfortable and secure. Choose the SunTek CIR™ shade that fits your lifestyle and enjoy the ultimate in window tinting technology.

Window Tinting - CIR Series | Sharkey Auto Detailing

Performance Specifications

SunTek rigorously tests our window films to ensure they provide optimal performance. Curious about the details? Our downloadable spec sheet provides comprehensive results, allowing you to compare the entire range of our products easily.


The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation

We are pleased to announce that our products, which provide 99% or more UV protection (300-380nm), have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.